Spoken Word

"We have been called to be counter cultural,
To make bends,
Not grooves.
To claim salvation on the old and new.
We are called to paint the skies,
Sending Sparks into the night.
For Jesus- our salvation and Redeemer,
was never one to conduct a theater.
He didn't put on a show, 
And he didn't choose fame.
Yet he healed the broken and the lame. 
And out of his cries,
His last breath he drew, 
Was just the beginning for something revolutionary,
Something new.
He sent the holy spirit like a flame,
Casting Messengers who restored the Faith.
They created community, a unity, to share the news.
Stunning the earth with hope and truth.
For churches were born in small rooms and open fields.
Communities grew, the good news spread.
People were filling up on the real food, and not the world's instead.
For God's hope is to use the calling of his kids, 
To keep sharing and being the beacons,
To drink and break bread.
Under one roof,
One sky,
To unite the heart and mind.
To champion together and claim a truth.
That we are called to be a group, a nation, a tribe.
To be Messenger,
For the Greater Kingdom,
Under God's gospel,
-Celene Olson

zach bauer