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Pastor Zach Bauer | Red Door Church & Holy Smokes BBQ

Pastor Zach Bauer | Red Door Church & Holy Smokes BBQ



First off - you guys KILLED it! Great rapport with the store and more importantly the customers. Great work and glad to have you as an official personality at Nyberg’s Ace!

Men’s BBQ Shop-Class

Take home all the skills you need to become a BBQ Pitmaster

The Men’s BBQ Shop-Class is put on by Pastor Zach Bauer with Red Door Church. Along with church planting and pastoring, Zach is an award-winning KCBS BBQ Competitor and Pitmaster. Pastor Zach has a passion to help strengthen and equip the local church. This Men’s BBQ Class is a great way to engage and encourage the men in your congregation. The Shop-Class will teach you how to create mouth watering BBQ and help engage and facilitate relationships as well. The Men’s BBQ Shop-Class will share award-winning recipes, techniques and step-by-step instructions, Zach & Holy Smokes Team use, when they compete. During the 3-hour course, you will learn first-hand how to prepare and cook some of these amazing meats: Brisket, Pork Butt, Ribs, Pork Loin, and Chicken.
The class will cover each step including: selection of meats, trimming and seasoning the various cuts, fire building and control, cooking and completion temperatures, smoke techniques, BBQ gear, and carving/serving of the final product.


  • 3 hour in-depth instruction and interactive demonstration in grills, wood, meat prep and cooking.

  • Video, graphics and posters to help promote the event at your church

  • Free BBQ Log Book for each participant

  • Free Hog Heaven dry rub for each participant

  • All the smoked meat you can eat

  • Pastor Zach’s personal testimony and an engaging word for Men

Class is in Session

When you arrive the fires will be lit and, after a short introduction, we will begin prepping the various meats. We will taste the items being cooked throughout our time. Along with the barbecue lessons, you will also hear Pastor Zach’s testimony about God’s incredible grace in his life. Each person will receive a a free Holy Smokes Dry Rub and a log book that includes steps, charts and instructions on the topics covered throughout the class.

“Barbecue is an interactive and relational way to engage the men in and outside your church.”


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