Art of Worship

When we think about worship, we often correlate that word to the church choir or band. To the music, the instruments, the section of program designating to hear voices rise and fall. I know that for a good part of my life, worship was demonstrated through those platforms.

I believe it goes beyond the borders of the music platform.

It goes past the walls of the church.

The definition of worship is, the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.

Often times we don't view our daily activities as a type of worship. Daily duties seem monotonous, a duty to keep ourselves aligned with the chase of the world. We don't feel it to be worship. It doesn't have that seem get up and go experience that we consume every Sunday. 

What we don't realize is we can replicate that same get up and go, by the way we bring intention into our lives. Worship is in the act of living. It's being focused about being intentional with what happens in the precious hours we have each day. 

We have a choice to step into each day with worship on our hearts. You can jam to worship songs at work, or in the morning each day. 

You can find pockets of quiet time to give thanks, to bring needs before the Lord throughout the hours. 

There are more ways of worshiping the Lord than we believe. Being in community, and sharing life can be a sign.


Because these are part of the greater testimony of God. Living our lives, seeking out fellowship, giving praise in the midst of the mundane goes to help weave the legacy God created in each of us. Our mindsets, attitudes, and hearts can prosper when we realign them with Jesus daily. 

So we challenge you this month of July to find ways to bring worship inside your homes. To bring intention inside your souls. Maybe journal them, or give thanks to the moments in which you counted as worship time. This isn't a strong every day challenge, but to find yourself resetting how you approach each day can give new breath into our story.


Celene Olson