The Investment

There are many different programs, helpful guides towards investment.

Investment of money.

Investment of time.

Investment of projects, work obligations, and side hustles.

We all want to be equally yoked in the different areas of our life. We seek a balance in all things, in all duties, that require the use of our time.

Time is valuable. More than the bank accounts, the materials, the possessions we own.

Yet, in our continued search for deeper spiritual growth, the investment of relationship with God can fall to the waist side first. It's hard to give up our precious moments of time to connect with God. We weigh the minutes, seeming to squeeze every last drop out of each second possible for activities and free time. 

However, trying to connect with God can leave some feeling as if it is a chore. We open the bible with expectation of gleaning knowledge from the words in the scriptures.

We sometimes go at the Bible with what we can get from it, much like church. What can I get to fill my cup? 

But what if sometimes God is just asking us to step into the Bible wanting to learn about him instead?

I have more often than not, found myself turning to the Bible to acquire an understanding of my situation. I chase after the solution, a "feel good" verse. While those objectives are inherently good, I have found myself convicted that perhaps to understand my calling and my place as a Christian, I need to seek understanding of Him. 

God is in the pages that spill like honey into our mouths when we need it most. The Bible can wrestle the questions out into tangible form, and can become a salve for the tender brokenness we carry. 

But to glean an understanding of ourselves in his creation, we must first find the investment to seek. To open the pages to read about his influence, his creation. Being intentional with making space for him, and reading the Bible as a reader to a good book. Learning, and observing the testimonies of his work in people who were ordinary like us. People with no super power or significant placement. People who became extraordinary in their seeking of his presence.

Our challenge to you this week is to carve out the investment. To open the Bible and just read, and be led naturally to a deeper understanding of God.


Celene Olson